Twin Turbo.

A Caity Lotz Film

Director Biography –  
Caity Lotz
 Caity Lotz started as a dancer for artists like Lady Gaga. After a 2 year stint in a pop girl band in Europe, she fell in love with acting.10 years of being in front of the camera left Caity with the desire to have more control over the storytelling she was apart of, and to share her unique vision in all aspects of storytelling. Twin Turbo is Caity’s directorial debut.

Caity Lotz is known for her roles as Stephanie Horton in Mad Men, as Annie in The Pact (2013), 

as “The Machine” (2014) and as Sara Lance / White Canary in The CW’s Arrowverse television series, 

where she has appeared in Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash, and Supergirl.

She is also a co-founder of SheThority, a women empowerment organization.

Director Statement

As a woman, I feel as if I’m constantly being held back by biology, society, and myself. “Twin Turbo” is about using these obstacles to make you stronger and do what you set out to do. Get to Vegas.