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1. How did you get your start in entertainment?

My journey into entertainment started off in the world of Hip Hop. And one of my closest friends Lex One formed a group after high school and got the opportunity to open up for a lot of amazing hip hop artists that we looked up to growing up. I loved being on stage performing. It’s something that’s never left me so when I stop doing music in 2017 I found other ways to keep my creative juices flowing. I was given the opportunity to do a TEDx Talk, then months later something I shot went viral and the combination of the two got me back on stage speaking around the country. I think even if I made it to 90 years old I would still find ways to entertain people in my nursing home.

2. Growing up who inspired you and why?

In my preteen years, I was insanely into sports, mainly basketball. I would send out playing cards in the mail to players like Michael Jordan & Larry Bird and wait for their autographs to come in. Not sure if they were real autographs but I was always hyped for them to show up in the mail. During that time I was always motivated and inspired by the biggest names in sports. When I was about 13 or so I got into skateboarding a lot and spent hours upon hours watching skate videos and I  always looked up to those guys. So I would say between basketball players and skateboarders they probably gave me the most inspiration growing up.

3. Tell us something about yourself that your fans may not know about you?

Something they don’t know about me? Not a lot of people know this random bit of information about me but a majority of my dreams are nightmares, and about 30% of my nightmares turn into night terrors aka sleep paralysis. I wanna say I hate them but in a way, I’ve gotten used to them.

4. Can you tell the people about your upcoming TV show America’s gone viral?

Yes, I’m extremely hyped to shoot this show. We were in the beginning stages of getting everything in order and then BOOM the pandemic hit. So the concept is basically a viral competition show for up-and-coming comedic content creators with not so many followers. Content creators that want to make a career out of it and love shooting content. We’re going to select 3 or so content creator teams such as a brother and sister team, boyfriend girlfriend team, etc. We’re going to issue them viral challenges such as skits, pranks, or social experiments and allow them to shoot and edit the content themselves while showing the behind-the-scenes on how viral content is made. Then they’re going t present it to our 3 influencer judges. With everyone shooting content right now this is the perfect time for a show like America’s Gone Viral.

5. If you could have any conversation with any entertainer dead or alive who would it be and why?

I honestly think I would sit down and have a talk with Robin Williams. He was such a powerhouse of talent. I’d love to gain some knowledge from him about perseverance and about his struggles he went through in the entertainment industry. Rest in peace to one of the greats!

6. Who is your favorite comedian?

That’s a tricky one but I’ve noticed that I seem to laugh a hell of a lot more when I watch Dave Chappelle’s comedy as opposed to other comedians. He’s gotta be top 3 on my list.

7. What is the legacy you would like to leave behind?

In all honestly, I think the legacy of what I want to leave behind isn’t necessarily what I’ve accomplished but how I was able to help people. When you die people remember how you positively affected their lives not how much money you make. I’d like to be known for the guy that went out his way to help people and to change someone’s life for the better.

8. Who would you like to work with in the future?

I have a long list of people I’d like to work with. Let’s start with Leonardo Di Caprio. He’s been a consistent powerhouse in Hollywood for a long time and always puts out good work. On the comedy front, I’m going to have to bring the conversation back to Dave Chappelle again. I know that if we got on a set together I wouldn’t stop laughing the entire time. I can name about 100 more people I’d like to work with but for the sake of this interview, I’ll keep it short and sweet.

9. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I want to think even beyond the show I’m going to start working on. I see myself as a mogul. I’m not saying that just to say it but the fact that I’ve tried so many different things and had my hands in so many pots. I’ve run an independent label, a hip hop blog, started multiple businesses, spent years performing on stages, etc. I personally believe I can do it all so I wanna continue to do it all.

10. What’s next for you Brian?

The real question is what’s not next for me? I’m going to do everything I possibly can do before my time is upon this planet. I just got pre-approved for my first investment property so I’m going to dabble in real estate a bit, and when the pandemic is officially over I’m going to finally shoot this show then see where that road takes me!

11. In conclusion what would you like to tell your fans?

To never quit and to never give up on your dreams. Cut the negative people out of your life. Focus on what’s important to you and I promise you good things will happen in your life. Don’t ever let a single soul stop you from getting what you want in this life unless you want to dip your chicken nuggets in soda then maybe someone should stop you. Other than that go hard at what you want. You have one life to live so live it!

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