Introducing Good Side Bad Side Clothing is a UK based independent brand that provides STREET-SMART clothing, which is a fine blend of street wear and smart casual clothing.

Most of the products that they produce are limited productions, and they always aim to bring out new styles as often as possible, so more often than not you will only see products advertised as limited stock/sizes. This keeps the brand fresh and gives customers that feeling of exclusivity, because they won’t often see others wearing the same garments.

GSBS Clothing was featured in cinemas worldwide in the UK movie ‘THE INTENT 2’, and are set for more movie features, due to hit cinemas very soon.

Their brand has also had many celebrity endorsements, over in the UK and the USA, and are rapidly building a high profile reputation here in LA.

GSBS are certainly a brand to watch out for, as they expanding and evolving at a rapid rate.

So keep your eyes and ears open for the future of STREET-SMART fashion, and join the movement. #GSBSSQUAD