Meet Jamal Antar (born December 23, 1976) is a American French Moroccan actor. Jamal was born in the South of France, to immigrant parents. His father is a Property Developer in France and Morocco. His mother is a Housewife. He is the eldest of 3 brothers. Jamal grew up in a pretty rough neighborhood called “La Faourette” in Toulouse, so playing a tough Mafioso kind of guy came pretty naturally to him. Jamal has acted in many roles such as Italian mafia (Ncis LA), Armenian Mafia (LA’s Finest), Mexican cartel (Seal team), Warlord’s man (68 Whisky), … Also he played others characters like Secret Service Agent ( The Politician), or Prisoner “Star Wars” (The Mondalorian), and is one of the most celebrated up and coming actors.

Written by Anna

Edited By Deven Powers