Justin Tinucci is originally from Denver, Colorado. He began acting at the age of 10 after he was contacted by the producers of iCarly and asked to guest star on a special skills episode called the iCarly Awards. The producers had discovered him after viewing television interviews of Justin and his sister Kayla competing against adults in international indoor skydiving competitions. the duo interviewed with Good Morning America, The Ellen Degeneres Show, ABC World News, The Wall Street Journal, and many more media outlets. These interviews led to several opportunities to appear on popular television shows.

After booking a role on the iCarly awards episode on Nickelodeon, Justin discovered his love for acting and attended an open call for a kid’s talent agency in Denver, which signed Justin and eventually led to his family moving to Los Angeles so that he could pursue his acting career. Since 2009, Justin has co-starred and guest starred on popular television shows such as Trophy Wife, Big Love, and Lady Dynamite. He has also landed roles on several pilots including a recurring guest star role on Cartoon Network’s Incredible Crew and in 2017 he booked a role on an Untitled ABC spinoff of the Goldbergs. In addition to his television roles, Justin has played both lead and supporting roles in film, including Standing Up, The Muppets, and Devil’s Whisper, just to name a few. He has also been successful commercially, with both national and regional commercial campaigns. Commercially, he is best known for the Milk LIFE and The Real Cost campaigns.

In addition to acting, Justin also discovered a love for music, particularly guitar and bass. He toured with the teen Band Breaking Tempo from 2014 to early 2016. Justin continues to pursue his acting career in Los Angeles, while attending CSUN majoring in Media composition, where he eventually hopes to work with production studios scoring music for television and film.