Welcome to the Mr. Hollywood magazine family.

1. Let’s start by telling the people a Lil about yourself that they may or may not know about you?

Let’s start the interview and maybe I’ll find out something I don’t already know about me:)

2. How did you get your start in the entertainment industry?

I was always performing when I was a kid. I recently found a box of VHS and DVDs of our home movies and had them transferred to digital files. I was always making movies with my brother and my friends. I began acting in school plays in middle school and then got an agent through a showcase when I was 15.

I auditioned and worked on student films for the next year. After I took the last final exam of my high school education, I got the call and I booked my first national commercial that was being directed by Joe Pytka.

3. Who inspires you as an actor?

So many artists. There are so many chapters and phases I went through growing up. I watched so many films at different points in my life that connected with me and what I was going through at those particular moments in time. I’d watch a favorite of mine at a later point in my life and I’d identify with the story and characters in a different way. Now that I had gone through similar experiences, I have a new understanding and perspective. If I had to pick one actor I’d have to say, Leonardo DiCaprio. His earlier work, specifically in “The Basketball Diaries,” was one of the first intense performances that I saw an actor portray on screen.

I saw Titanic three times in the theatre when it was released so that is always a part of my childhood. I respect the roles and the directors he has chosen to work with after achieving the notoriety he received from the success of Titanic. To this day he is only making quality films that audiences want to see.

4. If you could have a sitdown conversation with anyone dead or alive who would it be and why?

I’d have to say, Michale J. Fox. “Back to the Future” was the first movie I remember seeing and has continued to be one of my all-time favorites. When I look at pictures of me as a kid and the art I made as a kid, it really shows how much his performance and that film had an influence on me wanting to become an actor and have a career in the entertainment industry.

5. As an actor in Hollywood how do you turn a negative into a positive?

When I was younger, I let a lot of things get to me and rejection was hard. Now when something doesn’t work out, something else opens up that was better than I planned for.

6. What have been the obstacles that you’ve had to face early on as an actor?

When I started acting at age 15 I was already 6 feet tall so I was getting called in a lot for roles playing 17-18-year-olds. It would come down to me and 1 other actor for a role and they’d go with the other actor because I was a minor. Around the same time, I began taking a business of acting extension class at night at a local college. The professor invited a casting director to class one night and basically told us that to make it, “It’s who you know” and “how you look.”

He began pointing to the students individually in the classroom telling them what kinds of roles they would be up for based on their appearance. He kept obsessing about this one student telling him that he looked like the “Mid-America Boy,” and that he would be casting him for leading man roles and basically he could go out for anything he wanted. I’m half Armenian. He pointed at me and told me that my dark features meant I’d only be cast as villains and more “alternate roles.”

He said worse things to some of the other students. My philosophy has always been, if you tell me I can’t do something, it will only make me work harder and be more determined to achieve my goals.

7.What kind of advice would you give a newcomer trying to pursue a career in your line of work?

Everyone has their own unique story and experience. I’ll listen to someone and if their story is relatable to an experience that I’ve had, I’m willing to share what I went through. You have to go through your own experiences to truly know what works for you. If my story helps someone on their journey it’s a win.

8. Where do you see yourself as an actor in 5 years?

Things change so rapidly. I couldn’t have predicted where I’d be right now three months ago. I would like to continue acting and making films.

9. What has been the highest point of your career so far?

I’m so grateful for the opportunities that have come up and the artists I’ve been fortunate enough to work with. A high point that I had recently was being honored at Film Fest LA Live 2019 with the “Kash Hovey and Friends” film block. I was so thankful for the acknowledgment and to celebrate the work of my team. So many things have come full circle the last few years and I’m happy to be where I am right now in the present. As far as the highest point in my life, I don’t think I’ve gotten there quite yet, but I’m curious to see what it ends up being.

10. If you could go back in time and speak to a younger you what words of advice would you give yourself.

Way too many things! Haha. In the past, I’ve had a tendency to look back and regret decisions that I made. There are experiences that I wish I had but never took the initiative. As you get older so many things begin to make sense because you now have experience. It’s easy to look back at the younger version of yourself and say “What’s wrong with you, It’s not that complicated.”

I’m at an age and a place in life right now where I’ve been fortunate enough to have closure with the painful experiences of the past. I look at it now as most mistakes are learning tools that have directed me to reexamine a situation and look for a positive outcome.

I needed to make those mistakes and go through those situations to have the outlook and knowledge that I have today.

11. We would like to thank you for your time and congratulations on being selected on the cover of this month’s Mr.Hollywood Magazine, before we let you go is there anything else you would like to say to your fans.

Thank you for your support. Keep creating and inspiring.