1. Can you tell all of the readers and your fans something about you that they may or may not know?

Yes! I am not a Memphis native. I am from Hopkinsville Kentucky (Hoptown) born and raised. Everyone assumes I’m from Memphis but I’m not. I relocated to Memphis in 2013. I love Memphis though and Memphis is so good to me I would never take that from Memphis but I always see people saying I’m from there and I can’t do that to my true hometown. I’m a Kentucky girl!

2. What made you want to become an Esthetician?

Struggling with my own skin issues made me want to get into the esthetics field. I personally struggled with acne. I wanted to learn more about skincare, and it wasn’t until I went to school for esthetics that I learned how to properly treat my skin. After I got in school and started learning all the different avenues of esthetics I fell in love with it. I went from wanting to be a Pro Makeup Artist, to a Lash tech, and then waxing! Waxing was the last thing I wanted to do, it wasn’t the cool thing to do. I was so good at it and really started understanding the benefits behind it and I started advocating for waxing, made it the “cool thing to do” and the rest is history!

3. How did you create the painless waxing technique?

After years in the business and listening to clients complain of about how painful waxing was I knew if I could minimize the pain associated with waxing, I could maximize the amount of people waxing. People with coarser hair seemed to be complaining the most of pain. And there wasn’t really any wax on the market specifically for those hair types. So I decided to create my own.

A lot of trial and error but I finally figured out that wax needs to adhere to the hair and not the skin. This specific formula is what provides an ALMOST PAINLESS experience. Our clients always rave about our waxes not being painful. They can’t believe it. They go other places and come back and tell us it really is a painless experience here. My Signature Hard wax is the secret weapon. and it’s the only wax used inside our facilities to service clients.

4. Being a woman of color what obstacles were you faced with early on and how did you overcome it?

Being a woman of color always comes with it’s own obstacles regardless of what you’re doing or what industry you’re in. It’s a gift and a curse. I think women of color have a natural tenacity about themselves because of this and while we are able to overcome obstacles, the obstacles do still exist.

I personally struggled with women of color trusting me to provide such an intimate service for them. I had to show them that my space was a judgement free zone. They didn’t immediately trust that I knew what I was doing, That I could do it in a manner that made them comfortable and that I would keep their most sacred areas confidential.

I had to gain their trust, and that takes time and intention. Now I can proudly say that more women of color are seeking out women of color to provide them with waxing services.

5. Who inspires you as an entrepreneur and a businesswoman?

There are so many women that inspire me. I would hate to list just one because there are several but I will say that I find a lot of personal inspiration from Dana Chanel. I resonate with her because we share a lot of the same qualities. She is a woman of God, a wife, a mother, and an entrepreneur who has figured out how to build businesses with her family.

A lot of people don’t know or realize I run my business with the help of my husband and my cousin. Mixing family and business is taboo to a lot of people and I completely understand why because there are already “family issues” then there’s “business issues” and then you mix them together and it’s a disaster.

But I love watching Dana’s journey because it shows me it can do be done and it can be amazing. The right people, with the right mindset, and a common goal is a beautiful thing. Dana is a lot more transparent than I am and she shows the struggles her family goes through personally, as well as in business and how they work through it and continue doing the work.

6. Where do you see yourself and your brand in 5 years?

I see my brand everywhere. Pretty Girls Get Waxed will be everywhere. A household name, a blueprint, an inspiration. I see myself opening the door for women just like me to be able to do the same things I am doing. I will give women the opportunity to have ownership in this amazing brand, and together we can expand and grow.

7. How does this industry differ from the region? Would you say it’s more or less competitive based off geographical region?

The beauty industry is everywhere, but it’s impact definitely varies from place to place. It depends on where you are, the lifestyle of the people and population. I can even see a difference just between Memphis and Atlanta with waxing. Atlanta being much more competitive because of the population and the lifestyles of the people here. Atlanta has 5 times the population of Memphis.

So naturally there’s going to be more of everything. I can throw a rock and land on a a place to get waxed. They’re everywhere. People have more choices, so competition is higher. Thankfully I don’t see competion, I see opportunity. At the end of the day it’s about what you provide, Pretty Girls Get Waxed provides more than just a wax, we provide an experience.

8. What bit of advice would you give a new comer trying to pursue a career in your line of work?

Almost every woman I employ wants to be in my position and they come to me for guidance moreso than a job. I know this and because of this it’s my responsibility to guide them. I tell them there are many different ways to the same destination. I’ve only traveled my way so it’s the only way I can guide you. In this line of work you have to be able to serve. I have served my way into this position.

If you serve people in return people will serve you. I tell everyone the same thing. Do the work! That’s it. I believe you get out what you put in. If you don’t put in work, it won’t work. There’s not a job within my company I haven’t done or I am not willing to do again. So when women tell me they want this position I tell them to show me. No one believes what you say they only believe what you show.

9. In conclusion is there one last thing you would like to leave the readers and your fans with?

Whatever it is that you want to accomplish write it down. Write out the vision. Write the to do list. Check it, mark things off, it’s the only way to hold yourself accountable. If you don’t write it down you might miss something. There’s a process for everything. Don’t overwhelm your thoughts. Keep things written down so your mind can rest.