Welcome to the Mr. Hollywood Magazine family.

1. Let’s start by telling the people a Lil about yourself that they may or may not know about you?

Hello, my name is Kevin Solomon and I am the Owner/Founder of SlaughtaHouze-Newmann Distributions LLC. I’ve been in the music industry since 1999 but didn’t breakout till 2001 when I co-founded SlaughtaHouze Entertainment.

The origin story is still the same, I wore many hats in the industry such as DJ, songwriter, producer, arranger, performer, distributor, and COO of our independent record label. There have been times when I became discouraged because I felt we weren’t where we were supposed to be but now that I look back, the failure to achieve the status I craved was on me. I didn’t hustle hard enough and didn’t make the necessary sacrifices to reach the goals. Like in any relationship, I get mad, leave her to only come right back.

2. How did you get your start in the entertainment industry?

I’ve always been a fan of hip hop, especially southern hip hop. Since the early 90’s I was influenced by Snoop, Dre, Cube, BIG, UGK, and many others. Writing was a hobby so of course, writing rhymes on paper was a secret passion but I didn’t have the confidence to PERFORM the lyrics I wrote. It wasn’t until I meet my co-worker in 2000 who later became my brother and co-founder of SlaughtaHouze Entertainment, Charles Andre Brooks, who would give me the opportunity to record over his beats and use his equipment. The flood gates were open and we just went in.

3. Tell us about your organization Slaughtahouze?

SlaughtaHouze Entertainment run was from 2001 to 2007. Plenty of ups and downs. More LOSSES than WINS. The way it should be in any upstart business. After an 8 year hiatus, I began SlaughtaHouze/Newmann Distributions LLC in 2015. We are a multimedia streaming platform that includes two digital radio stations and an online television network.
We also own SlaughtaHouze Recordz featuring our DJ coalition, The SlabAllStarz DJs. We’re on the come up and looking so forward to the future.

4. Can you tell our readers more about The difficulties that you’ve faced early on as a CEO?

Everyone wants to be the BOSS until it’s time to pay the invoice. I’ve always been in CEO mode personally and professionally so the pressure is something I’m accustomed to. I’m so grateful to be in a position to make things happen and help people, I don’t see any difficulties. In business, you have to keep moving. Not be emotional and make the hard decisions no matter how unpopular they are to some.

5. Who inspires you as an entrepreneur, and who do you look up to?

Jimmy Iovine and Clive Davis are such major inspirations. I heard a phrase once that said “Some people were made to be center stage, some were made to be behind the scenes”
It put EVERYTHING in perspective. I was so busy trying to be on the stage when that wasn’t where I was supposed to be. I feel that’s why SlaughtaHouze Entertainment failed. When I accepted my position, then everything began to flourish.

6. If you could have a sitdown conversation with anyone dead or alive who would it be and why?

I would love to have conversations with Katy Hughes, Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey, Sean Combs, Shawn Carter, Curtis Jackson, of course, Jimmy and Clive. I would take pieces from each of these conversations and create a Frankenstein-type career lol.

7. How do you turn a negative into a positive? 

I turn negatives into positives by not taking things personally. When it comes to my business, I am emotionless. Shit happens, I don’t have time to cry over spilled milk. I say F**k it and find a way to make the next thing happen.

8. What kind of advice would you give a newcomer trying to pursue a career in your line of work? 

The best advice I can give a person is to be PATIENT! Be prepared to SACRIFICE. Sacrifice TIME, LOVE, FAMILY, FRIENDS, MONEY….. Invest in yourself. You’re worth it.

9. What has been the highest point of your career so far?

I’m not done yet.

10. If you could go back in time and speak to a younger you what words of advice would you give yourself?

This is a good one. I would tell the young, 24-year-old rapper version of myself to NOT PUT OUT BULLSHIT! “If you’re SERIOUS about this rap shit, you need to buy better beats, pay for features, and pay the people you need to pay to get where you need to be. Hope is not gonna get you to your destination. Hustle, will. Be confident when it comes to your shit! Don’t let ONE person’s opinion throw you off course.

The world is huge and people taste is different. PROMOTE PROMOTE PROMOTE. They need to be SICK of SEEING you! But if you are not prepared to do what you need to do, then go back home and be a husband/father to your family.