Welcome to the Mr. Hollywood magazine family.

1. Let us start by telling the people a Lil about yourself that they may or may not know about you?

My name is Kevo Kodesh, and I am an urban filmmaker, director, producer, and screenwriter. Creating cinematic features is a window into my life. The film allows me the opportunity to create characters and assist in bringing those personalities alive on screen. The mind is my most utilized canvas, and the film is the calming arena for me to engage in other realms of self-discovery. I create characters that involve a large mixture of truth, personal identities, and elements of my worldview.

So, watching a film directed or produced by me is like seeing the world through my frame of reference. However, each actor and actress are encouraged to define what a character’s authenticity means to them from their context of reality. To me, this gives an actor/actress the ability to identify with their character and create a super-reality juxtaposed around their personal consciousness and the freedom of self-expression.

I believe this is where the fun begins because the portrayal of the character is influenced by the tunnel of the reality of the actor/actress. I have written, directed, and produced 3 short films entitled “Ochosi”, “The Kid”, and “The Job”. My cameras of choice are the Black Magic Studio Camera and the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera.

2. How did you get your start in the entertainment industry?

In fourth grade, I won a talent show that my teacher encouraged me to participate in an acting contest. I grew up watching In Living Color and always was fond of Jamie Foxx’s and Tommy Lee Davidson’s characters. I eventually won the talent contest and have been addicted to entertainment and “alternative portrayal” ever since. I don’t think I would ever deviate from the passion that I have for the entertainment industry.

3. Who inspires you as a movie director and who do you look up to?

A few directors inspire me. I like directors such as Christopher Nolan, M. Night Shyamalan, Spike Lee, Martin Scorsese, Jordan Peele, and even Will Smith. Most notably Christopher Nolan, I really enjoyed the screenplay and story of Inception, The Prestige, and the Batman Begins.

The shadowy scenes, dark majestic flow between the scenes of his movies are captivating and intriguing. I am always impressed by the way he is able to capture the depth of characters and the intensity that is depicted while watching his films are incredible.

4. If you could have a sit-down conversation with anyone dead or alive who would it be and why?

Wesley Snipes. I grew up watching his movies. My favorite movie by Wesley Snipes is Demolition Man. I can recall watching the movie in the theatre and have seen all of his cinematic features from Jungle Fever, Passenger 57, and can remember his role in the Michael Jackson video “I’m Bad”. I think he is a versatile, well-rounded actor who has contributed decades of prolific performance. From New Jack City to Blade, I think he is able to capture the attention of the audience and deliver impactful on-the-screen performances.

5. How do you turn a negative into a positive? 

I turn to think positively about any situation or circumstance that I encounter. Thinking positively helps me to be more optimistic which in turn produces energy, vitality, decreased stress, and improved psychological wellness.  All of which are major components in removing the stress that may have been encountered throughout the day. I try to acknowledge that I have a locus of control over negative situations and outcomes. I know growing up in Chicago has caused me to have a certain belief system, so I’m very careful of my personal views and I try to be mindful of my self-efficacy expressions.

6. What kind of advice would you give a newcomer trying to pursue a career in your line of work? 

 I would tell each newcomer to lose themselves unapologetically. I would encourage each actor to lose themselves completely in the role which is given. I think a majority of actors and people who get into cinema feel acting is something that they are doing to show others on screen. However, acting is something I think people do every day. People portray themselves in different ways daily and rarely do they give themselves credit for something they do ritualistically throughout their life.

7. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see CNM films as a well-established production company. In 5 years, I also plan to establish at least 1 more film studio in either Chicago or Las Vegas. I am working with producer/director Simoan Jones on a few ideas in which we plan to bring to fruition in the near future. Simoan and I have some projects that we plan to complete and release during the year 2022.

8. We would like to thank you for your time and congratulations on being selected on the cover of this month’s Mr.Hollywood Magazine before we let you go is there anything that you would like to tell your fans?  

CNM films are on a path of bringing new innovation to cinematic features in the film industry. I would like for everyone to be on the lookout for the next two films that are scheduled to be under production written by Kevo Kodesh and Simoan Jones which are directed by Pure Brilliance. Simoan is an exciting actress, and director and our team have some exciting projects that will transform the entertainment business and keep the film industry buzzing.