Zarina Cox is a very smart sixteen-year-old young lady who has been dealt with some unpredictable cards. Her mother has never been there for her or showed her any love because of her love for money and men. Her mother was what you would call a selfish gold-digger who could care less about her only child. The girls at her school would pick fights with her because of the way she looked and her style of dress, so because of how her mother and these girls treated her, she hated herself. She figures that love doesn’t exist because if her mother couldn’t show her love, then how could it exist, it wasn’t until she met Tank that she thought it could be possible. Zarina liked everything about Tank the first time she laid eyes on him. Tank was what you called a thug/businessman that had a GQ style about himself, and Zarina was intrigued by his sense of style. When he came to her aid when she needed it the most, she knew she had to have him, but because of her age Tank wasn’t having it though. Will Zarina find love or will it just never exist for her.
Tank was a young respected rich thug in the streets of Los Angeles, California because of a kingpin name Carlos Santana Aka Cuba. Cuba was like a father to Tank after he lost both his parents. When he lost his mother, Tank was in a rage. After his mother died, he hated everybody who crossed his path. It wasn’t until his granny got him from foster care and moved him into her home that he was able to love again with the help of Cuba. The two of them worked together to get Tank back on track, and it worked. Although he still deals with some anger issues, he knows how to control it better than before. After he runs into a beautiful young lady who looks like she’s in desperate need of his help, he comes to her aid, only to fall for her. After he finds out her age, he tries to fall back, but it’s too late, so he makes a promise to her. Will Tank be able to keep the promise to Zarina, or will he be just like everybody else who lied and hurt her too.
Keep reading to find out…..