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“Absolutely engaging and at times breathtaking work whichdefinitely elevates the film a level or two”.
Soundtrack review for “Death Round Every Bend”by MyIndie Productions

Simeon Quarrie, Founder of VividaIt has been a privilege to work with Michael Vignola on two key VR projects and 3D animations. Michael was selected because of his ability to combine both natural and digital sounds to drive story. As a Director and as a team, we are extremely particular about each creative component on the projects we embark on. Michael interpreted the brief and immediately delivered. He got two simultaneous projects right, the first time. The project has been used by Sky and Barclays with more organizations to come. We are proud to have Michael as part of team VIVIDA and our storytelling DNA.Velton J Lishke, of V-Pac Productions”Absolutely fantastic experience working with Michael, he has a complete understanding of exactly what we were looking for and delivered it ahead of time, he has made this whole side of post-production completely stress-free and delivered work much higher than our expectations, I highly recommend.” Alex Alessi, of Everything’s Gone, LLC.”Michael’s work on my Feature film “When Everything’s Gone” was truly captivating. The final product accompanies the film perfectly and elevates moments with strong themes and emotional beats hitting perfectly throughout the piece. It was so easy to collaborate with Michael and convey my direction and vision to him, while he brought new and exciting ideas to the score that I’d never have imagined. He’s a master of his craft!”
Aaron Falvey of Falvation Films “Working with Michael was a distinct pleasure. His professionalism during the music composition phase was second to none! He worked incredibly hard, working to a very short deadline and he delivered! Michael’s communication is excellent and he makes you feel more than comfortable throughout the creative process, talking on a level you understand. The end track Michael composed is incredible and I have no doubt his efforts will be rewarded during the film festival circuit. If you have any doubts, DON’T! Michael is a true professional and he will work with you to get results that exceed your expectations! “
Randi Sloane/Producer Bill Sorvino/Director of HRLK LLC in assoc with MorningStar Media”Choosing a composer for your film is challenging. You want them to understand the tone of the film, the mood of the scenes & the vibes of the characters. Working with Michael made it so easy. We knew he was the professional for this stage of post-production but he was always open to hearing our ideas and suggestions. He composed such a beautiful score for our film and we are so grateful for his part in our project! Thanks Michael!” Juhui Kwon of JuhuiMakesFilmsMichael is professional and easy to work with. He produced effortless yet elaborate music for my film, which is exactly what I wanted. I will work with him again! Jamaal Green of M.G. CinecraftCollaborating with Michael Vignola was an amazing experience! Michael is a very talented and focused artist who works with you to understand your project at a DNA level and composes a wonderful soundscape that will bring your work to the next level. I would highly recommend any filmmaker or any other creative looking to add music to their project to work with Michael!Mark Blitch of Code Red Pictures “As a director, I have always been looking for a composer that I can form a shorthand with. I found that with Michael Vignola. He and I were on the same page creatively from the first conversation. Polite, professional, and incredibly talented, I count it as a privilege to work with him, and hope to continue to do so!” Matt Rosenblatt, Black Rose Working with Michael is as smooth as a process as one can hope it to be. From start to finish he upholds an efficiency and professionalism that you wish everyone in the industry carried themselves with. He listens for what you want and has ideas of his own. It felt like a perfect collaboration working with him. If you’re looking for a composer I strongly suggest going Michael’s direction. Mitch Mcleod, Absentia Pictures”Michael was an absolute pleasure to work with. With his multi-faceted range and keen attention to detail, he is undoubtedly the person to go with to give your film that extra spark. His work went above and beyond what I could have imagined beforehand and elevated my film to an entirely new level. Hats off to this gentleman.” Joseph Spector, Spector Films”If you are looking for a well organized, and very talented composer to help your project come alive in all the ways it probably isn’t. Check out Michael Vignola’s music. Michael has scored my last two film projects The Sleeping Dog and Sonny Vicious. Looking forward to the next one with him. He gives me confidence knowing I will have a great score and a better film because of it.”
William David Glenn IV, Lindsey Productions Michael kicks ass! A great collaborator. Not only did he clearly understand my ideas for the music for my film, but he brought his own to the table and elevated the work overall. Knowledgeable and experienced. Smooth handling all the way through post. Highly recommend. Brian Quintero, Dead Mariachi FilmsMichael Vignola is a great collaborator and truly loves his craft. His versatile range allows you to mesh new, creative ideas!
Immanuel Baldwin, Exist DigitallyMichael is an exceptional human being to work with. He made the process of building the score and soundscape from the ground up very easy and memorable for me. I would trust him with any project I worked on. Michael not only made the experience fantastic, but he also understands filmmaking which made the director, composer relationship ten times better. Richard Mattka, Michael is a rare talent in composing and sound design. His ability to tell stories and communicate emotion through music is incredible. It was an absolute pleasure to work with him on my Video Game ‘Lights in the Sky’, and can’t wait to team up again!
Adam Williamson, We Know Motion”It was a real pleasure to work with Mike. I feel like we hit it off right away and were on the same page from the very start. He was super easy to work with and I felt like he was personally invested in delivering a quality piece that we could all be proud of. I was impressed not only by what he was able to create for us but also how fluid and easy he made the entire process. When you can find a guy like Mike who “wow’s” your clients and delivers on time and on budget, you’ve found something pretty special. I definitely look forward to working with Mike on future projects!” Carlos Toro, of Steer Films “This is who you hope to work with when you’ve got a strong vision for a project. Michael will elevate that feeling that you’re hoping to communicate and amplify it.”
Patrick Moreau, of Muse Storytelling,Mike, Thank you for putting such care and thought into your score for Team Okinawa’s film. Your devotion to the project really comes through, and your score perfectly conveys everything that the team was hoping to – and more! Thank you, for your brilliant efforts! All the Best, Gina, Patrick, Team Okinawa, and the rest of the Muse Team.
Danny Cotton, Fabrication Films “Working with Michael on my feature film project “No More Lights in the Sky” was an absolute pleasure. He had great communication throughout the whole Post Production stage and was excited to discuss new ideas and aspects to further the product. The music he created was utterly amazing and he knew exactly how to capture the mood and tone required for the film, enhancing it to new levels. I can recommend Michael to anyone, and will be definitely be working with him again in the future.”Phillip Shvartsman, PHILM Quality work, good communication, and helped explain anything I was unclear about. Very pleasant experience. David Fodrek, Heroa FilmsWe had the pleasure of working with Michael while developing a concept for a feature film. Michael went above and beyond in every area. He not only had great ideas but actually cared that the final product we got was as strong as possible. He was receptive to new ideas and made the experience collaborative. I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking to have an original composition for their work.” Richard Fleming, Saga Media”Fantastic experience working with Michael. He was highly intuitive to what our project needed without any direction. When we needed something specific, he listened carefully and would reiterate out points that standardized the language – making it easier for us to communicate EXACTLY what we want to get from him. That made my job easier, and the product was infinitely better because of it. Music is a hard thing to talk about; it’s often subjective and dependent on taste. And soundtracks for movies can be hard to perfect: a lot of composers are too forceful, “on the nose,” and ultimately end up producing an overt, melodramatic sound that turns off viewers. I found the experience of discussing different sound options with Michael to be fluid, easy, and precise. Vignola Music dramatically improved the flow and edit of my film, along with the emotional impact I wanted my audience to experience – with all the subtlety and subtext.”
Austin Welch, Saga Media”First off, we will NEVER go back to stock music after seeing what Michael is capable of and how much it improved our final product. We were working on an extremely tight deadline; Michael was able to deliver stellar work ahead of schedule and within a price, we could afford. He maintained constant communication with us, was extremely easy to work with and brought a whole new level to our work we couldn’t have found elsewhere. I highly recommend Michael and look forward to him being a consistent part of our team going forward.” Shannan L. Reeve, Beleeve Entertainment “From the moment I heard Michael Vignola’s demo I knew he was the one who could create the perfect score to match the emotional tone of my film. What I didn’t know was that in addition to being an extremely talented composer, he is also a remarkable businessman. It is a rare find when someone has the drive for business AND the talent to need such a drive. From the get-go Michael was extremely professional, keeping me in the loop as we determined the tone for the score. Not only was his music moving and elegant, he also delivered ahead of schedule. It was a joy to work with Vignola, and I look forward to working together in the future.” Barry Gaines, Gaines Entertainment”Michael is a very talented musician who understands the nuances of a scene. He is currently composing music for my series “A World of Worlds from Episode Two and beyond. It’s a rare find to have a composer who can quickly understand what a director is looking for and heighten the emotional concept of a scene without much guidance. This is also a credit to his professionalism. Having Michael on this journey with me is exciting and I’m eager to see what’s next.” Ebony Wilson, Midnight Crow Productions”Michael’s work effortlessly gave life to my project. His talent is one that will, inevitably, hit the mainstream, and I’m honored to work with him.” Tom Glaser Writer and Producer of Full Heart Living”Working with Michael Vignola on the score for my first documentary, The Impact of Full Heart Living LIVE! was a dream. His work was stellar, setting the tone, underscoring important moments, and highlighting key themes. He was responsive, reliable, and prompt. Plus, he went above and beyond by helping the rest of the team get things done in a timely manner – a task I wasn’t able to fully manage myself! Truly, I couldn’t give Michael a higher recommendation.” Brendan O’Brien, Red Van Studio”It’s been a pleasure having Michael on-board, He has elevated the work to another level, really fantastic!.” Nick Conroy, NCCProductions Production “Michael Vignola brings sooo much emotional depth to the journey. He’s a pro anyone is honored to be able to work with”
Tim Nolte, Bolder Video”It’s a pleasure working with Michael Vignola! Michael is an excellent collaborator, bringing creative ideas to the table, and taking rough ideas and feedback and turning them into something that fits the vision for the project and is truly moving. I am especially impressed with how quickly he composes and turns around revisions. I will definitely be working with him in the future!” Kyle Wigginton, Director, Writer, Producer”Vignola you are a genius. I loved every note and have nothing negative to say. You just added so much to the film it’s insane.” Jake Estes, Director/Writer/Producer “Mike Vignola was an absolute pleasure to work with. After only one conversation he totally understood the feel and tone I wanted and I could not be happier with the results, which was delivered on time! I will most definitely be collaborating with him on my next project!”
Timothy Parsons, Director/Producer “I’d like to say that Mike is not only a creative and unique composer but also someone who can understand and interpret the emotion of scene and film. He has a remarkable way of being able to capture the exact emotion needed for each project. Mike’s score is one of the best parts of my film and wouldn’t be the same story without it. Mike is easy to communicate with and understands exactly what specific scenes need, Before we even sit down to talk, he already has multiple creative ideas. He has a cinematic eye that will positively affect any film he is a part of.” David Pace, Director/Producer”Michael Vignola set a new level of film composing collaboration for me. The quality of work achieved, in the amount of time given, blew me away. His dedication and work ethic inspired me. We immediately struck a bond and a strong working relationship. Michael always communicated efficiently. I never felt ignored or put second. Our messages and phone calls continuously enhanced the project and embraced efficiency. I consistently felt he considered the project a high priority in his schedule. We smoothly conveyed ideas back and forth with the best concept winning, without ego, but with full intention to make the project reach its maximum potential. The time I spent working with Michael to score The Message easily marks one of the best creative collaborations I’ve experienced to date. I love the music he makes and I will definitely create again with him in the future.” Brian Hooker Director/Producer “My experience with Michael Vignola was phenomenal. From the time I spoke to him we connected. He understood the direction that I was going with my short film very well. When I first listened to his music, I was blown away. He was like the Hans Zimmer I never thought I would find. I knew I had to get in contact with him. His music creativity for my short film “The Painter Without A Smile” Really gave the movie life and feeling, something I was hoping to obtain in the film. and he accomplished that. Through the procedure of the film, we would keep each other updated on both ends. Communication was on point between us. He was very patient and understanding throughout the whole experience which I am very grateful for. I was truly satisfied with my experience with Michael Vignola. Working with him again is something I am looking forward to in the near future.” Rima Anani Producer”Michael is wonderful to work with as he takes the time to listen to your requirements. He is attentive to detail and delivers your project in a timely manner.”
Kelly NeedlemanIt was a pleasure working with Michael. He was extremely professional and efficient throughout the entire process. He accommodated my short time frame and created music that improved the film tremendously. I am definitely going to work with Michael again in the future and I highly recommend him. Danny Deller Director/Producer “You have done such an amazing job with my film I’d be crazy not to work with you again”Ivan Radović – Ritualen AB”We at Ritualen had a great collaboration with Michael! He had great ideas from the start and works fast and effective on our short film. I would definitely contact Michael again”.
Silvio Wolf Busch, Forest Wolf Entertainment”From the very first talks about the project to spotting sessions and a number of phone calls Michael’s intuition and feel for the story and how it translates into music has been remarkable. I look forward to collaborating on many more projects with him in the future!”. Erick Freitas, Red Eagle Cinema”Michael was amazing. He delivered the music quickly and had amazing creative input. Will definitely use him again!”.

Michael Vignola has had over 45k sync placements in 2019, won 6 best original score awards from film festivals around the world and has scored to picture on over 100 projects in the course of 3-1/2 years which include feature films, short films, TV series, web series, media, video games, and virtual reality experiences. (HBO, Discovery, NBC, ABC, BBC, CNN, SKY, NASA, History Channel)
Michael Vignola is a multi-award-winning film composer born and raised in New York City. Known for combining a unique blend of Classical, Ambient and Electronic music with elements of sound design. Vignola’s track record is a testament to his commitment and love for the craft and is always looking to push the boundaries of creation that you might not expect. Vignola loves to build themes that weave in and out of the story line in which he says gives the film a musical consciousness. At the age of 10, he began learning piano and also taught himself how to play the guitar at the age of 15 which lead him to play in multiple indie bands in the NYC area from 1997-2008 and traveling all around the country on a Tour called “The Vans Warped Tour” in 2006. It was in 2016 that Michael started composing for film and has since won multiple awards on various projects, to releasing his first solo LP in Dec. 2018 called “The Place Between Time”.