Monique Searls, is the granddaughter of the late Legendary Muscian ‘Guitar Ray’ She is a sassy-and soulful singer, songwriter, actress, model, writer, and director from New Orleans Louisiana. She grew up singing in church. Monique has been singing since the tender age of five.

During her journey, she has made a mark in the entertainment business in acting, singing, writing, modeling and a host of other things. In 2007 Monique released her contemporary Gospel CD called the beginning. Since then she relocated to Houston, TX where she began to act in many many plays at theaters like Miller Outdoor, Houston Family Arts Center, Encore and Texas Southern. As a bird takes flight Monique did too. She began to act as lead on several indie films, which made her thirst for more. After completing her masters of Entertainment science at Texas Southern University, she went back home to Louisiana to start her journey on TV. After making small appearances on networks like, TNT, CBS, and OWN; Monique wanted more. So she packed up and moved to Los Angeles where she flys like an eagle. Interning at IHeartRadio, leading in featured films and is now back in the studio. Things are rising for Ms. Searls. Monique is very driven and determined to succeed in the entertainment business, as always her hard-work ethic is displayed in every task she takes on. Monique is an artist on the rise. As a humble talented individual, Monique would like to give thanks to you for your support. Her motto is: Her talent is GOD’S gift to her; How she uses them, is her gift to Him. You can find some of her work at: