Nick Carthan began ripping stages across the East Coast in 2011.  His South Side Jamaica Queens, New York roots may have created his hardcore New York comedy style, but his new Hollywood lifestyle is paving the way for a new breed of Carthan funny!  

In New York, Nick spent the majority of his time focusing on fitness and health. It wasn’t untIl two years ago that he finally took his strengths to the stage at a Harlem lounge.  After exploding years of jokes through a microphone and into the the seats of dozens of strangers for the first time, Carthan knew he had finally found his niche.

 Nick now resides in la, Living in LaLaland for two years has not only challenged Nick’s craft to higher levels of accomplishments, but it has also fueled his stand-up with fusions of his trials and hilarious tribulations in caring for his first baby.

Nick’s weekly comedy crawl includes venues such as The World Famous Laugh Factory in Hollywood, The Comedy Store on Sunset, and The Comedy Union.  He has also graced the screen with appearances on Russell Simmon’s All Def Digital network and several comedic shorts and parodies featured online.  He has also won the Flappers comedy competition by taking the judges and peoples votes as well. With this achievement he moved and co-headlined Caroline’s comedy club in NYC! Nick has also been featured on the Laugh factory’s Instagram and gained over one million views for his material as well as headline the J-spot .

Nick not only credits his comedic influences to his family and New York roots, but his respect for Tracey Morgan, Rodney Danger Field, Eddie Murphy, and wrestling, allows his comedy to be embraced by audiences of all walks of life.  With evidence of his talent shown through the smiles and laughter he evokes through comedy on a daily basis, Nick not only continues to grow his fan base, but he continues to gain the the respect and love of comedic greats and industry leaders known worldwide!  Don’t be the last to laugh with Nick Carthan, hop onboard now, and join him on what he calls the “#Road2Funny!”