John Sabbia or more commonly known in the music industry as Poetic Killa, is a recording artist and producer from Boston, Massachusetts who first started heavily doing music back in 2009 writing songs which derived originally from poetry and short stories that he would write based on past experiences in his lifetime and things he has overcome.  He wasn’t recording at the time, just writing a song a night and heavily listening to his influences of emcee’s before him like Guru from Gangstarr, Black Thought from The Roots, and a lot of others molding him into the young artist he was striving to become.  Shortly after starting to record and network with more artists, DJ’s and producers, Poetic Killa linked up with Tha Mixtape Bully for his first official full length project release, as Bully had introduced him to Kool G Rap when Poetic was only 15 years old in a New York City studio session in 2010 when Poetic unveiled his lyrical talents to the legendary Juice Crew Emcee, Kool G Rap.  Kool G Rap enjoyed the freestyle from the young talented East Coast artist and asked him if he wanted to do a record together which Poetic Killa quickly obliged and was blessed that he even asked him to work.  The track was known as “No Competition” which was a hit single off Poetic Killa’s debut project to the world “The Fix Vol.1” as the single opened up many opportunities for him musically and people were in high demand to work with Poetic, the project also featured artists like Kuniva of D12, Raekwon of The Wu Tang Clan, JoJo Pellegrino, Iron Solomon and many more and was released in 2011 as a mixtape as Poetic’s debut official full length project.  Following the success of his first project, Poetic was gaining a solid fan base solely off his lyrical talent being so young and the magnitude of the artists he was working with in the industry.  As he prepared to start in on some new music shortly after the release of volume 1, he began working on the follow up mixtape entitled “The Fix Vol. 2” which was released a year later in 2012 hosted by Tha Mixtape Bully and featured a single with G-Unit’s Young Buck titled “Rap Ain’t Real”  that was a hit single off the tape amongst his second single he had released with Raekwon and his hometown Boston brother, Slaine called “The Untouchables” strongly influenced from the Oliver Stone classic Al Capone film, The Untouchables.  Volume 2 also featured artist heavy weights like Jadakiss from The Lox with their track “Revenge Is Sweet” and Bizarre from D12.  Doing shows at that time along the East Coast, Poetic traveled to venues to perform in New York, New Hampshire, Pennsylvannia and Maine strongly pushing his second installment of The Fix Mixtape Series.  He then took a small break from releasing music pubically and just was perfecting his craft in 2013 and was learning a lot on the production aspect of music and the business aspect as well trying to become a more well rounded artist and songwriter.  Still working hard on creating new music towards the end of 2013, he knew he needed to come back with a full length release that was going to hit twice as hard and show his fans that he was back better than ever, new and improved and released his third official full length project in 2014 that was hosted by Jack Thriller of ThisIs50.Com & G-Unit Records entitled “The Renaissance Project” which was debuted on the front page of DatPiff.Com and went Gold on DatPiff.Com exceeding 25,000 downloads and streams featuring hit tracks like “#IDGAF” that featured Brownsville Brooklyn’s own Sean Price of Heltah Skeltah as him and Poetic truly proved what the underground hip hop scene is like and their dedication to the culture and other tracks like “Chinky Eye” featuring Nitty Scott MC and “No Dayz Off” featuring Cassidy’s right hand man, artist Chubby Jag.  The Renaissance Project is avaliable all over the internet and was featured on huge hip hop sites like ThisIs50.Com, 2DopeBoyz.Com, NahRight.Com and many more.  After suffering a severe car crash and some surgeries amongst some more health problems. Poetic took a break from performing live and publically releasing music shortly after his 2014 release and was just recooperating and getting back to his normal self and started back in on his music and journey in the Fall of 2015 working on his first official studio album which is titled “Been Around The Block”.  He released it April 25th of 2019 and on all major digital retailers and streaming platforms including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, XBOX Live, etc.  Poetic Killa is the last of a dying breed

Poetic Killa
Songwriter/ProducerCEO of Poetic Killa Productions LLC

Affiliation: BMIIP#: 00727819901
Contact: 978-201-8685