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PopFuzion TV is the latest online blog and digital video network dedicated to focusing on celebrities who give back to the community, their charities, pop culture news, and on the rise talent. With the excitement of everything going on in the entertainment industry and all of the celebrity gossip, often times we forget about what really matters and how the most successful and famous people are using their platforms to give back to humankind.

PopFuzion TV has created an innovative way to bring the good news to life and to showcase the side of your favorite celebrities and social media innovators that mainstream media fails to deliver. We are focused on delivering positive and trending news, entertainment, and community conversations via the digital landscape including but not limited to; YouTube, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.Our network displays content from a very diverse group of personalities, giving each demographic a relatable voice. We aim to be the voice of the pop culture experience with bloggers and hosts that are a reflection of our audience.

Our segment ‘One Minute Pop Culture’ focuses on trending pop culture stories and highlights celebrities who do good deeds along with their charity or foundation.

PopFuzion TV is your ultimate source for GOOD NEWS and what’s happening in all things pop culture. Thank you for coming to our site and we truly hope you enjoy your experience.